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Level 2 Accredited Service Provider

A Level 2 Electrician is accredited and authorised to connect a commercial or residential premise to and from the electrical grid. Not all electricians are authorised to do such work.

Smart/Advanced Metering Services

At JG Energy we have all your electricity metering needs in ONE place. Our metering services include but are not limited to:

  • Smart Metering of NEW CONNECTIONS
  • Exchanging old network meters to Smart Metering so you can enjoy all the latest benefits that come with having a Smart Meter, and if your retailer provides it, a direct app link to your new Smart Meter so you can keep up to date on all your electricity usage, helping you keep in control of your bills so you don’t end up with any nasty surprises come bill time
  • Permanent removal of un-required metering Eg: granny flat metering not required or off-peak metering no longer required
  • Additional metering for new granny flats, studios, sheds or an electrically separated part of your property you use for business purposes
  • Temporary builders metering for the duration of construction
  • Off-peak metering for electric hot water systems, pools pumps and underfloor heating

What is a Level 2 Electrician & when do you need one?

A lot of people are uncertain about what the different levels of accreditation within the electrical services industry mean and what service providers can actually do. In this post, we look at Level 2 Electricians and the services they are qualified to provide to commercial, industrial and residential properties.

The key distinction between a General Electrician, a Level 1 Accredited Service Provider (ASP) and a Level 2 ASP is that the latter is qualified to carry out installations, repairs and maintenance work on service equipment (main links or fuses), metering, and service lines that run between a property (both business and residential) and the electrical supply network (EG: between the powerlines and main fuses in your main switchboard/meter box).

General Electricians are not qualified or trained to do the work a Level 2 ASP is capable of doing, so 9 times out of 10 if you have a job relating to a main switchboard, overhead cabling, underground cabling, electricity metering or anything in between the distribution network (powerlines) and the point of connection (where the incoming mains attach to your building) you will be better off contacting a Level 2 Electrician initially like JG Energy and saving yourself some $$ as we can provide all the work a normal electrician can, plus we can take care of the level 2 side at the same time.

This can include main switchboard relocations, meter panel replacements,  installation of MPD’s, repairs to overhead and underground cabling, disconnection and reconnection of the electrical supply, working on underground and overhead service lines, upgrading of the power supply, and installing and connecting Smart Meters. 

To ensure the safety and reliability of NSW’s power supply, only Accredited Service Providers (ASPs Accredited from the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment) operating under the ASP scheme can perform any work associated with the services listed above.

As such, any time your residential, industrial or business property needs work that involves the electrical supply network – whether you’re upgrading, renovating, experiencing a power supply failure, or you’ve moved into a new building – you must, by law, engage a Level 2 ASP to carry out the work.

At JG Energy, we offer a range of quality, accredited Level 2 services to residential, industrial Spotify Plays and commercial customers, including new 1 or 3-phase power supplies, incoming power supply connections, power supply upgrades from 1 phase to 3 phase, upgrading old mains from the 1900’s that don’t have the capacity that houses these days need, new main switchboards & metering requirements, underground mains and sub mains, distribution switchboards, power distribution and general installations.

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